Theatre Director, PhD
Graduated from the Faculty of Drama Directing at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. Since 1997 he has worked as an assistant director of Krystian Lupa and as a director of documentary films in Polish Television Theatre. As a theatre director, he debuted with his original production Suddenly (Studio Theatre in Warsaw) and in 2001 he staged his diploma production of Robert Anderson’s Solitaire (Contemporary Theatre in Warsaw). Since then he directed several dozen plays and co-operated with many theaters in Poland and abroad. He was awarded few times with the Golden Mask for Direction. He mainly directs plays concerned with contemporary topics or works with classics in contemporary aesthetics. A special place in his career is occupied by a period of laboratory work focused on working with dancers and research in combining dramatic language with contemporary dance theaterFrom 2015 he is the General and Artistic Director of JK Opole Theatre and Director of the Festival of Polish Classic Drama ‘Konfrontacje’ in Opole. In 2016 he created new space of unusual character called Modelatornia. His idea, was to create and consistently develop a place that would serve the implementation of postulates of Jerzy Grotowski – providing the basis for experimental explorations in the field of theatre. Norbert Rakowski invites artists to Opole who want to confront fundamental ideological problems on the stage and who are not afraid of creative dialogue with the audience through their original stage language.
From 2023, he is the Vice-President of European Theatre Convention (ETC) – the largest network of publicly-funded theaters in Europe, with 63 members in 31 countries

directed by nr:

I’m Nowhere / Desvanecimiento, authorial – JK Theatre / Opole / Teatros Del Canal / Madrid 2023

Four Good Reasons to Leave All of This Behind, authorial – JK Theatre / Opole 2023

The Play (Interview), Theo van Gogh – Garnizon of Art / Warsaw 2023

Father, Florian Zeller – Modern Theater / Szczecin 2022 / “Amber Ring” Best Performance 

Top Secret Research. New Constructive Ethics, Iwan Wyrypayev – JK Theatre / Opole 2021

Camera Buff 2020, M.Sobieszczanska, N.Rakowski – Silesia Theatre / Opole / Katowice 2021

Amadeus, Peter Shaffer – City Theater / Gliwice 2021

Doubt, John Patrick Shanley – Silesia Theatre / Katowice 2018 / Golden  Mask – Best Director

Drunk, Ivan Wyrypayev – Modern Theater / Szczecin 2018 / “Amber Ring” Best Performance 

The Last One Turn Off The Lights, Vojtech Stepanek – The JK Theatre / Opole 2017

Festen, M.Rukov & T.Vinterberg – JK Opole Theatre / Opole 2016

The Cherry Orchard, Michael Chekhov – Theater im. St. Jaracza / Olsztyn 2016

The Coronation, Marek Modzelewski  – Divadlo Komedie / Praque 2015

An hour of peace, Florian Zeller – Modern Theater / Szczecin 2015

The Misanthrope, Moliere – Theatre im. W. Horzycy / Torun 2014

The Inspector, Mikołaj Gogol – Theatre im.W.Bogusławskiego / Calisia 2013

Koronacja, Marek Modzelewski – Divadlo Komedie / Praga 2015

The Idiot, Fiodor Dostojewski – Stage Sarego 7 of Theatre Bagatela / Krakow 2013

Gossip, Francis Veber – Theatre im. W. Bogusławskiego / Calisia 2012

Inscription, Gerard Sibleyras – Theatre im. W. Bogusławskiego / Calisia 2011

Merylin / Slingshot, Nikolay Kolada – The Theatre Academy /  Warsaw 2011

Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Sara Ruhl – Modern Theater / Szczecin 2011

Murder, Hanoch Levin  – Theater Nowy / Łódź 2011

Transfer, Maksym Kuroczkin – Theater Nowy  /  Łódź 2010

Beautiful Helena, Jacque Offenbach – Opera na Zamku / Szczecin 2009

Elling, Axel Hellstenius – Theater im. St. Jaracza / Olsztyn 2009

Pocket orchestra, G. Garden & C. McLeod – Comedy Theater / Warsaw 2009 / Grand Prix – Korczak Festival 2010

Gossip, Francis Veber – Theater Powszechny / Łódź 2008 / Golden  Mask – Best Director

Inscription, Gerard Sibleyras – Theater im.St. Jaracza / Olsztyn 2007

Flow, authorial – Stary Browar / Poznań / Fabryka Trzciny 2006

Festen, M.Rukov & T.Vinterberg – Theater im.W.Horzycy / Toruń 2005

Closer, Patric Marber – Modern Theater / Szczecin 2005

Testosteron, Andrzej Saramonowicz -Theater Powszechny / Łódź 2004

Bluebeard-hope for women, Dea Loher – Theater im.W. Bogusławskiego / Kalisz  2004

Merylin Murlo, Nikolay Kolada – Theater im.W. Horzycy / Toruń 2004

Gagarin Way, Gregory Burke – Polish Theater / Bielsko-Biała 2003

Art, Jasmina Reza – Theater im.W.Bogusławskiego / Kalisz 2002

Solitaire, Robert Anderson – The Modern Theater / Warsaw 2001 

Suddenly, authorial – Theater Studio / Warszawa 2000